Metropolitan Transportation Plan

One of Winston-Salem Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization's (WSUAMPO's) most important responsibilities is developing and implementing a Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for the planning area. The MTP outlines the WUSAMPO's transportation-related goals and objectives and addresses transportation-related issues and impacts over a 25-year horizon.  

This fiscally-constrained, multi-modal transportation plan is updated every five years to adapt to population growth and land use patterns shifts, policy changes, new federal and state legislation and guidance, and other changes affecting the region. The 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan was adopted in 2015.

Making Connections 2045CTP_MTP_Update

The 2045 plan, a long range, fiscally-constrained document that outlines the multimodal transportation improvements that will address the existing and projected transportation needs in and around the MPO planning area. Making Connections 2045 is based on the most up-to-date information available on population and economic growth and addresses changes in land use and transportation trends within the Winston-Salem urbanized areas since 2015.   On November 19, 2020 the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) adopted the 2045 MTP Update for the Winston-Salem Urban Area.  

2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update

2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update Documents

2045 MTP Update (Full Version)
Appendix A:  Terms and AcronymsAppendix B: Public and Stakeholder Outreach SummaryAppendix C:  Financial Plan

Amendment Adding Projects for Consistency with 2024-2033 MTIP (Adopted 9/21/2023)
Appendix D:  Congestion Management Process (Updated Nov. 2022)Appendix E:  Environmental Justice MapsAppendix F:  Travel Demand Model Outputs

Appendix G:  Existing and Prior Plan Summary  


Public Transit Safety Targets 7/15/21

Update Process


Public Outreach Schedule and Materials

Virtual Public Meeting - October 22, 2020

A public input (Zoom webinar) session on Thursday, October 22nd from 5:30-6:30 PM was held as part of public review process for draft CTP document, draft Congestion Management Process and draft MTP amendment.
Announcements  English  |  Spanish

Public Hearing and Adoption - September 17, 2020
Virtual Public Comment Period - August 17 - September 16, 2020
Virtual Public Meeting (Round 3) - August 25 - September 3, 2020

The Draft Regional Transportation Plan was posted for public comment period between August 17th and September 16th, 2020, prior to planned adoption at the TAC meeting on September 17th, 2020. Five virtual meetings (webinars) were held to review draft MTP recommendations between August 25-September 3, 2020. Meetings handouts can be found below:
Draft Documents
Draft Regional Transportation PlanIntroduction Slides for Virtual Meeting

Draft Roadway Recommendations

Draft Transit Recommendations

Draft Bicycle and Pedestrian Recommendations

Virtual Public Meetings (Round 2) - July 23, 2020

A virtual public meeting was held Thursday, July 23, from 5:30-6:30 PM, to review transportation deficiencies and draft recommendations. Break-out meeting webinars were held for the following topics: roadway improvements, public transportation improvements, bicycle and pedestrian improvements, and rail/aviation/freight and ITS and new technologies.
English  |  SpanishOverview Presentation - EnglishStation 1:  Introduction & Study Overview English  |  Spanish

Overview Presentation - SpanishStation 2:  Vision, Goals & Objectives  English  |  Spanish

Station 3:  Roadway 

Station 4:  Public Transportation Needs

Station 5:  Bicycle and Pedestrian Gaps and Recommendations

Station 6:  Freight, Rail, Aviation and Innovative Technologies

Virtual Public Meetings (Round 1) - May 5 and 6, 2020

Virtual Meeting Recording