Comprehensive Transportation Plan

The Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) is a series of maps displaying long-term recommendations for highways, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, public transportation, and passenger rail projects. The CTP is different from the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) as it is not required to specify timelines, costs, or funding sources. This information helps citizens and planners know whether to reserve right-of-way for future roadways and passenger rail during the development review process, and how to budget for future facilities.

On January 21, 2021 The Transportation Advisory Committee for the WSUAMPO adopted the updated Comprehensive Transportation Plan.  

The Winston Salem Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) is a joint effort between the Winston Salem MPO and the NCDOT – Transportation Planning Branch. The Winston Salem MPO 2012 CTP was approved by the Winston Salem MPO Transportation Advisory Committee May 17, 2012. The NCDOT – Transportation Planning Branch recommended the mutual adoption of the Winston Salem MPO CTP on October 27, 2012. The North Carolina Board of Transportation adopted the Winston Salem MPO CTP on December 6, 2012.

2045 Comprehensive Transportation Plan Update

Draft Report

Public Transportation Recommendations

Bicycle and Pedestrian Recommendations


Highway Facility Type Maps

Highway Recommendations Maps

Public Transportation and Rail Recommendations Maps

Bicycle and Pedestrian Recommendations Maps

Environmental Features Map


A.  Resources and Contacts

B.  Definitions

C.  Bicycle, Pedestrian and Mulitiuse Path Inventory and Recommendations

D.  Highway Project CTP Inventory and Recommendations

E.  Typical Cross Sections

F.  Bridge Deficiency Analysis

G.  Regional Travel Demand Model and SE Data Forecast