Pyrotechnics / Fire Works Permits

  1. Permit Process
  2. Ordinances and References

To obtain a Pyrotechnic Permit, you must contact the Office of Business Inclusion and Advancement and submit an application at least 30 days prior to the requested event date.. Please e-mail Hannah Hernandez (336-734-1251) for further information about receiving a Special Permit.

Documents required to be submitted

In addition to approval of the Pyrotechnic Permit, a payment for Fire Department Standby during the event is required for every day included in the permit.

* Stand By – 2 hours$250
Stand By – 4 hours$500
Stand By – 6 hours$750
Stand By – 8 hours$1000

*Two hours is the minimum duration to reserve Fire Department standby, even if the scheduled display duration is less than two hours.

Inspection can be requested here