Tank Removal or Abatement Permit

General Guidelines

A Fire permit is required prior to removal of fuel tanks.

  1. At no time during the operation will the applicant fail to have the site properly tended or guarded.
  2. No flame or spark-producing devices to be used unless tank is purged of liquid and vapors.
  3. Flammable and combustible liquids shall be removed from the tank and connecting lines.
  4. Piping at tank openings which is not to be used further shall be disconnected.
  5. Piping shall be removed from the ground.
  6. Exception:   Piping is allowed to be abandoned in place where the code official determines that removal is not practical.  Abandoned piping shall be capped and safeguarded as required by the code official.
  7. Tank openings shall be capped or plugged, leaving a 0.125-inch to 0.25-inch-diameter (3.2 mm to 6.4 mm) opening for pressure equalization.
  8. Tanks shall be purged of vapor and inert prior to removal.
  9. Tanks shall be disposed of in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.
  10. Provide (1) BC rated portable fire extinguishers, minimum size of 40BC rating.

NOTE: Other requirements will apply based on the location, size of the job site, provisions of applicable codes and the code official.

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