Large-Scale Bonfires / Burning

General Guidelines

Bonfire permit is only issued to specific event-related bonfire and does not include burning of rubbish, clearing of land, or home recreational burning.

Fire Pits and Recreational Burning

  1. If a windy condition exists at the time for the event, this permit is invalid, and the burn/bonfire may not be conducted.
  2. Only A Class A@ materials, such as wood, may be burned.  NO WEATHER TREATED WOOD MAY BE BURNED.
  3. Fire must be at least 25 feet from buildings, vehicles, and wooded areas.
  4. A charged water hose must be maintained at burn/bonfire site and accessible during event.
  5. Maintain adequate security around burn/bonfire for safety purposes.
  6. No flammable liquid may be used in conjunction with burn/bonfire.
  7. Fire must be completely extinguished at conclusion of event.
  8. If burn/bonfire event becomes a nuisance, then the fire will be extinguished immediately.
  9. If a state-wide Burning Ban is in place, this PERMIT IS INVALID.

Inspection can be requested HERE