Public Safety Facilities

Overview of Projects

  • Fire Station Number 3 Replacement (North Liberty Street): $3,600,000
  • New Fire Station: $5,000,000
  • Public Safety Radio Communications System: $9,000,000
  • Public Safety Training Complex: $3,500,000
  • Total: $21,100,000

Public Safety Radio Communication System: $9 Million

The current public safety radio communications system for both the city and county is more than 15 years old. It requires parts that can no longer be replaced and cannot be guaranteed to be serviced. A new system would be more geared toward software (versus hardware) enhancements and would include the replacement of radios. Most city operations, including police, fire, and public works, will use the new communications system. The total cost of a new communications radio system is estimated to be $18 million and would be split 50/50 with the county.

New Fire Station: $5 Million

The proposed fire station would be built in the Parkland area and also would include a historic apparatus bay, highlighting the history of the department.

Fire Station 3 Replacement: $3.6 Million

Fire Station 3, located at 2995 North Liberty Street, was completed in 1964 and has outlived the usefulness of its design. In addition to inadequate apparatus bays, dormitory space, and storage, the facility contains no classroom space, physical training facility or laundry room. HVAC system design is inadequate, requiring the use of window units. Office space must also be used as dormitory space, and there are only two showers. Replacement with a building similar to the new Fire Station 8 would alleviate these concerns.

Public Safety Training Complex: $3.5 Million

This project would fund land acquisition and master planning for a Public Safety Training Complex and construction of a 600 by 600-foot asphalt driving instruction pad for the Police Department that meets the specifications of the NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission. This is essential to ensuring police officers operate their vehicles safely and responsibly and use proper procedures during pursuit and traffic stops. The master plan would include facilities that would be funded and built at a future date, such as a fire training building, a fire apparatus driving pad, and a fire maintenance facility.