Maplewood Ave. Culvert Replacement Project

Maplewood Ave Culvert Replacement ProjectIn April 2021 the city began work to replace the culvert that carries a stream under Maplewood Avenue just west of Knollwood Street. The old culvert was deteriorating and posed a danger to passing motorists.

After starting the project, the city learned that there would be a delay in getting the correct-size replacement pipe fabricated, due to supply-chain shortages created by the pandemic. 

As of early February 2022, the project was still on hold due to lack of the correct size replacement pipe.

With the open excavation threating to create erosion that would make the situation worse, the city manager on Feb. 21 approved an emergency procurement declaration in the hope that this will expedite completion of the project.

City officials hope that the emergency procurement declaration, which authorizes the city to bypass its normal bid procedures, enable the city to identify and hire a contractor with access to the custom-sized replacement pipes that this project requires.