July 2022 Planning Board Items

Public Hearing - Zoning Petitions

W-3533City of Winston-Salem for property owned by sameSouth side of Humphrey Street, west of Free Street (East Ward)
RSQ to IP-L; 0.52 acres

Nottingham Forest LLC for property owned by same

North side of Robinhood Road, between Polo Road and North Peace Haven Road (Northwest Ward)
HB-S to HB-L; 0.55 acres
Cannady Investments LLC and Dana Minton (Sullivan's Grove) for property owned by same
North side of Country Club Road, west of Kilpatrick Street (West Ward)
RS9 to RM12-S; 1.99 acres
Margaret L. Kolb Family Limited Partnership and Vanco, Inc. for property owned by same
South side of Robinhood Road, east of Jefferson School Lane (West Ward)
RS20-S to RS9; 54.14 acres
W-3537Barry Siegal (Vernon Farms Parcel 2) for property owned by same
North side of Kernersville Road, between Vernon Farms Boulevard and Townsend Drive (East Ward)
NSB-S to RM12-S; 4.66 acres
W-3538Wachovia Bank Na (Silas Data Center) for property owned by same
West side of Silas Creek Parkway, north of Sunnynoll Court (North Ward)
GO-S to Site Plan Amendment; 8.65 acres

Planning Board Reviews

Petitioner/OwnerLocationZoning ChangePlanning Board Recommends
PBR 2022-05 (cont'd from 4/14/2022 and 5/12/2022)
Kittering Lane LLC (Kittering Heights) for property owned by same
Western terminus of Lakeland Avenue, south of Kittering Lane and Shaftesbury Lane (Northeast Ward)
51-lot Planed Residential Development in RS9; Winston-Salem; 20.85 acres

PBR 2022-10Fine Young Cannibals LLC (Boswell Court) for property owned by same
East side of South Broad Street across from Shawnee Street (South Ward) 
6-unit Cottage Court in RS9; Winston-Salem; 1.02 acres

PBR 2022-11Laura Murray and James McGowan III (Sagebrush Trail) for property owned by same
Southern terminus of Tabor Ranch Road, west of Sagebrush Trail64-lot Planed Residential Development in RS20; Forsyth County; 31.13 acres