Chief & Assistant Chiefs

  1. William "Trey" Mayo
    William "Trey" Mayo

    Fire Chief
    Email William "Trey" Mayo
    Phone: 336-773-7979

  2. Harry Brown

    Harry Brown

    Assistant Chief of Logistics: Budget, Facilities, Vehicle Maintenance
    Email Harry Brown
    Phone: 336-773-7963

  3. Tad Byrum

    Tad Byrum

    Assistant Chief for the Fire and Life Safety Division and Office of the Fire Marshal
    Email Tad Byrum
    Phone: 336-773-7961

  1. Jerry Hardison
    Jerry Hardison

    Assistant Chief of Operations: Fire Suppression, Communications
    Email Jerry Hardison
    Phone: 336-773-7971

  2. Franklin Stowe, Senior

    Franklin Stowe, Senior

    Assistant Chief of the Training Division
    Email Franklin Stowe, Senior
    Phone: 336-773-7950