Old Salisbury Road Closure

COUNCIL Old Salisbury road - wide angle approach

Old Salisbury Road Closure Information

January 2024 Update: A construction contract with Mountaineer Contractors Inc. was executed for the Old Salisbury Road Repair project on December 22,2023. A Pre-construction meeting was held on January 17, 2024, with contractor to review the project design plans and scheduling. Because of material manufacturing and delivery times, the City anticipates a start date for construction of April 1, 2024. Future weather conditions and unforeseen material supply issues could impact the start of construction. Advance public notices for construction will be sent out to residents along Old Salisbury Road prior to the contractor starting work on the project.

August 2023: The project’s design is complete and the city has begun the competitive bidding process to select a qualified contractor to construct the project. By state law, the lowest responsive bidder is selected, and City Council is required to award the contract. The current schedule is for bids to be received in September and construction to begin in 2024. View the bid information.

DESIGN UPDATE: As of May 2023 the project’s design is ongoing with the final plan submittal anticipated in June of 2023. City Council authorized the acquisition of easements for the project at their May meeting. The easement acquisition process has started and is scheduled for completion by the end of August 2023. Once all easements are acquired and the final design plans completed, the project will be bid for construction.

In March 2021, the city was forced to close Old Salisbury Road between Brewer Road and Gyro Drive. The closure is just north of the former Moose Family Center at 1495 Old Salisbury Road. The road there is in danger of collapsing because the fill soil that carries the road over a ravine has become unstable. A large gap has developed in the pavement where the road is starting to collapse, and a guard rail to keep cars from falling into the ravine is no longer anchored beside the road due to erosion.

The city had no forewarning that this closure would be necessary. It took a while to identify the funding to hire an engineering firm to study the failing road. Another delay ensued while securing an engineering firm to do the study.

The City Council allocated $2.47 million for the project in the 2022-23 budget it approved in June.

As of July 2022, an engineering consultant had been retained and is conducting soil tests and other preliminary investigations. This information will be used to design proposed drainage, erosion, and road repairs along with other technical work that must be completed before the city can request bids for repairing the road.

The current schedule is for the project to be bid for construction in August 2023. A final construction schedule will be determined after the project is bid and awarded to a contractor. These dates are tentative and subject to change because of material supply delays that are affecting city construction projects.

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The wide crack indicates the road is starting to slide into the ravine.

COUNCIL Old Salisbury road - big crack

The shift in the edge stripe shows how the road is shifting.

Old Salisbury road - big crack close-up

Erosion is undermining supports for the guard rails.

Old Salisbury road - guardrail