Youth & Teen Violence Prevention Programs

The approach

Engage the youth where they are

Program in their neighborhoods

Program in their schools

Upcoming programs...

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Chop it Up:

(Sept - June)

The “Chop it up” mentoring program is a collaboration between the Empowerment Initiative Team (EIT) and WSFCS. This program will allow volunteers and school guidance counselors to lead a round table style discussion with students on real life topics. Students will receive advice from volunteers and their peers. The EIT will travel from school-to-school meeting with different students to tackle community issues. 

Our Goal: To give students a listening ear. We hope to give students advice so they do not go down the wrong path. 

The Outcome: To help students communicate their feelings better. To help build trust/relationship with these students.

Stay Fresh Initiative

(September - June)  

The “Stay fresh Initiative” is a partnership between WSFCS and local licensed barbers. Licensed barbers across the community will team up to provide FREE haircuts to students at different schools. The (EIT) will drive barbers from school to school to cut hair.  Throughout the haircuts, barbers will offer encouraging advice. 

Goal: To build self-esteem through fresh haircuts. 

Wishful Outcomes: Less bullying. Building confidence within. Boosting student's self-confidence 

****** We are still in search on nail technicians for our female students ********

After School Programs


The EIT will implement an After School program beginning January 2023. The after-school program will be created for middle school and high school students. We will partner with WSFCS to offer bus transportation to the designated facility. This program is FREE.  The program staff will assist students with homework each day. Local non-profits will teach seminars and classes to students as well. Lastly, all participants will receive a daily snack. 

Our Goal: To give students a safe environment after school hours. To hold small classes with the program to teach students different life skills. 

The Outcome: Improve grades with assisting with their homework. Improve life skills

Sip & Paint

This program is designed for teens to engage in afternoon activities with their friends. Students will paint on white canvas. Teens will sip JUICE/PUNCH and will be served light refreshments. 

  • Valentine’s Day Theme (February 18) 
  • Mother’s Day Theme (May 13) 
  • Father’s Day Theme (June 17) 
  • Summertime Theme (July 15) 

Summer Camps - FREE

(June - August)  

This is a non-traditional summer camp for middle school and high school students. Camps will be held at Minnie Lee Davis and Carl Russell. Camp will run from 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Transportation will be available from participants who live in Rolling Hills and Cleveland Housing. FREE lunch provided by WSFCS. Participants will go on biweekly field trips. 

Our Goal: Place participants in a safe environment through the summer day, into the evening.  

The Outcome: Reduce crime in the targeted neighborhoods.

Impactful Tours

(September- June)  

Another Collaboration with WSFCS and local nonprofits. This will allow City staff to take groups of scholars on tours around the city. Students will tour college campuses. Students will also visit job sites to expose them to different career paths such as: City of Winston departments, warehouse companies, hospitals, WSFCS headquarters, police stations, fire stations, etc.  

Our Goal: To expose scholars to varies career paths.  

The Outcome: Peak interest in certain jobs. Let them know if school doesn’t work out, that there are other career paths.

Teen and Youth Outings

Teen and Youth Group Outings will consist of low-cost field trips. Parents would need to register their kids in order for them to participate. These participants will come from targeted low-income neighborhoods, as well as WSFCS. 

Trips Include: 

Wake Forest Football Games
(September- November)  

Wake Forest Basketball 
(November - February)   

Dave and Busters
(January - February) / once a month 

(January - February) / once a month 

Adventure Landing
(April - May)