Deep Dive into the Science

Our farm is an example of controlled-environment agriculture (CEA), a technology-based approach to growing food. We take over for Mother Nature by controlling almost all of the growing conditions. The weather is always pleasant. Plants are protected from pests. Plants get the water, nutrients and light they need every minute of every day. Workers harvest in temperate conditions. 

Heaters come on when the temperature inside falls below 50 degrees. 

Six fans turn on and cool the air as the temperature rises.

Fans evaporate the water that runs over corrugated material creating a form of air conditioning. 

Pipes send the water that flows through the plant-growing channels back to the water reservoir to be reused again and again.

Water tanks hold 1,000 gallons, enough to grow 9,000 plants.

Each 25-gallon tank holds liquid fertilizer that’s injected gradually into the water tanks. One tank can fertilize more than 9,000 plants.

A pH controller tank holds five gallons of a food-grade phosphoric acid solution that’s injected gradually into the water tanks to control the pH of the water.