Hawthorne Road Emergency Culvert Replacement

Project Update

January 2024The project’s design is complete, and the City Council approved acquiring the easements to construct the project at their October 16, 2023. The project construction is delayed until all the easements for construction can be obtained so the City to move forward with the project. The easement process takes considerable time to negotiate with property owners and finalizing the agreements.  

December 2022: The project’s design is ongoing with an estimated completion date of Summer 2023. 


About the Project

The City was notified about the road sinking near the culvert structure near the intersection of First Street. A culvert condition assessment report provided the city with the overall condition of the culvert structure and recommended replacement of the aging infrastructure. This project will replace the existing concrete culvert structure with a new concrete box culvert and provide adequate drainage system capacity. Other infrastructure such as pavement, concrete curb and sidewalk will be repaired and restored as part of the project.

Project Details

Project Type:              Drainage Improvement Project

Project Budget:           $3,200,000

Design Engineer:        Rummel, Klepper, And Kahl (RKK)

Contractor:                  To Be Determined






Spring 2021

Project Design started

Summer 2023

Project Design Complete

To Be Determined

Construction Start

To Be Determined

Construction Completed


Contact Us

For more information on this project, email Mr. Todd M. Love, City of Winston-Salem Stormwater Division, or call 336-734-1318.