Bond Projects

Capital Needs Projects

Voters approved bond referendums in 2014 and 2018 to finance dozens of capital improvement projects across the city. These projects help address some of the city's unfunded capital needs.

  • Housing
  • Parks
  • Public safety facilities
  • Streets and sidewalks
  • More

2018 Bonds

In November 2018, voters approved five bond issues totaling $122 million for 36 capital improvement projects.

  • $11.7 million for housing
  • $14.5 million for economic development
  • $21.1 million for public safety
  • $31 million for recreation and parks
  • $43.7 million for streets and sidewalks

Strategic Focuses

The projects adhere to the strategic focus areas adopted by the Mayor and the City Council. The parks and recreation bonds address the strategic focus of promoting a healthy environment and the housing bonds address the strategic focus on creating livable neighborhoods.

The economic development bonds address the strategic focus on promoting economic vitality and diversity, the bonds for public safety facilities fall under the strategic focus of creating a safe and secure community, and the bonds for streets and sidewalks address the strategic focus on providing quality transportation.

2014 Bonds

In November 2014 city voters approved $139.2 million in general obligation bonds to finance unmet capital needs in the areas of public safety, recreation and parks, streets and sidewalks, economic development, and housing.

The Winston-Salem City Council scheduled a general obligation bond referendum to would raise $139.2 million for public improvements. The public improvements are broken down into five categories:

  • Economic Development: $25 million (3 programs)
  • Housing: $10 million (2 programs)
  • Parks and Recreation: $30.85 million (19 projects)
  • Public Safety Facilities: $31 million (8 projects)
  • Streets and Sidewalks: $42.35 million (10 projects)


Of the 42 projects approved in the bond referendum, 40 are completed, under construction, or out for bid as of October 2018. This includes all 19 recreation projects, all eight public safety projects, and all but two of the 10 street and sidewalk projects on the ballot. Not yet underway: the Business 40 Corridor Improvements, which will be part of the rebuild of Business 40 about to get underway; and the Meadowlark Drive widening, which will be rebid after the first of the year.

In addition, renovations and expansion of the Benton Convention Center have been completed, and restoration of the historic Union Station is scheduled for completion by the end of the year. These projects were financed with $35.8 million in limited obligation bonds.

Bond Project Locations (JPG) Opens in new window
40 of the 42 bond projects voters approved in 2014 are completed, under construction, or under contract. The map does not show locations of street repaving and sidewalk projects. Numbers correspond with the projects listed. See a large view of the map (JPG).