Community Engagement Committee

The Police Chief's Community Engagement Committee (CEC) was established in 2023 to advise the Chief of Police on various issues from the community’s perspective. These issues include but are not limited to, developing strategies for increasing community awareness, reviewing training processes, and participating in programs. The members of this council will act as liaisons between community networks and the Police Department. The Community Engagement Committee will enhance trust between the community and the Winston-Salem Police Department.


The purpose of the Community Engagement Committee is:

  • To establish, conduct, and maintain a mechanism for the timely identification of concerns or issues within the community and assist in identifying and developing appropriate responses from the Police Department.
  • To develop and participate in community engagement activities and events that promote community/police relationships.
  • To act as an advisory group to the Chief of Police to provide a more comprehensive community perspective regarding various topics.
  • To provide ongoing information to the Chief of Police to ensure the Winston-Salem Police Department is accountable to the community's expectations regarding public safety.
  • To act as an ongoing conduit of information between the community and the Winston-Salem Police Department.
  • To promote community awareness, understanding, and involvement in police programs and services.

Membership Selection, Expectations, and Terms

CEC membership will consist of up to 20 City of Winston-Salem community members who live within the city limits of Winston-Salem. In addition, the membership will select two people as co-chairs. The co-chairs will remain in that role for 12 months, at which time the membership shall select two new co-chairs.

Membership selection intends to reflect the Winston-Salem community to allow for a wide range of lived experiences, professions, perceptions, organizational memberships, interests, geographical connections, racial and ethnic diversity, gender diversity, and expertise. In addition, the selection committee will select members based on their integrity, commitment to the community, and their demonstrated ability to act as a communication conduit within their community networks.

Community members who want to be considered for selection to the CEC must complete an application process and submit personal information to allow for a limited volunteer background check. Upon application review, the community member may be requested to interview prior to being selected.

Once selected, members of the CEC are expected to:

  • Complete at least one ride along with a Winston-Salem Police Officer.
  • Attend the community Citizens Police Academy. The academy is an educational opportunity to learn about the workings of the Police Department.
  •  Attend quarterly scheduled meetings and be prepared to engage in an honest and purposeful dialogue focused on community problem solving and learning, education, building relationships, and discovering new information.
  • Treat other members, City staff members, and all other community members with dignity and respect.
  • Assist in developing the monthly agenda with other members of the CEC.
  • Assist in developing the annual outcome plan for the CEC.
  • Agree to have their bio, contact information, and picture on the Winston-Salem Police Department's website as a member of the CEC to allow for community member contacts.

Half of the initial members that are selected to the CEC will be appointed to a one-year term, and half will be appointed to a two-year term. The initial terms will be determined by lottery in the first CEC meeting. All subsequent appointments for new members will be two-year terms. Members will generally be limited to serve no more than two years on the CEC, except those members whose initial appointments were selected as a one-year term. Those members may be appointed to serve an additional two-year term at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

The establishment of term limits allow for greater community involvement, broader perspectives, and diversity of membership. The Chief of Police may offer extensions of term length or total years for a member to be involved in the CEC. In addition, if any member leaves the CEC prior to the completion of the designated term, the Chief of Police may appoint a new community member to serve the remainder of that term.

Members are expected to attend the general quarterly meetings of the CEC. If a member fails to attend at least two meetings, measured on a rolling 12-month calendar, they may be removed at the discretion of the Chief of Police. In addition, the Chief of Police, at their sole discretion, may remove members from the CEC for reasons that may include, but are not limited to, the following: dishonesty, failure to meet the expectations of the CEC, failure to follow prescribed guidelines of CEC, disrespectful conduct, disruptive behavior, or any other reason determined to be appropriate for removal.

All members must agree and understand that they do not represent the City of Winston-Salem or the Winston-Salem Police Department.

Meetings, Agenda, and Chairpersons

CEC meetings are not open to the public. The CEC is not a local governing body and does not possess decision-making authority, but rather the CEC is intended and used as an advisory group for the Chief of Police only.

The CEC will be managed in a co-chairs model. The CEC members will select community co-chairs from their membership to serve for one year. After that, the CEC membership will select a new co-chair every year. The community co-chairs shall maintain oversight of the CEC in alliance with the Chief of Police. In collaboration with the CEC membership, the community co-chairs will develop the monthly CEC meeting agenda. The agenda creation should focus on topics the community wishes to cover and learn about and focus on items that will be beneficial for the community police communications and relationship building. The agenda should focus on or align with the developed annual outcome plan of the CEC. The agenda should be developed and provided to the Chief of Police, or their designee, by the second Thursday of the month to allow time for preparation.

The City of Winston-Salem Police Department Director of Community Engagement will act as the primary contact for members of the CEC. The Director of Community Engagement will assist in the administration of the CEC and will be the primary Police Department Coordinator with the advisory council as necessary.

Amendments and Authority

These guidelines and procedures are amendable by the Chief of Police. Because this is a specialized committee, these guidelines are for general consideration and to assist in providing organization and consistency to the CEC.