Meadowlark Drive FAQ

Q: When was the project approved?

A: Funding for the Meadowlark Road improvements project was included in 2014 Bond Referendum. The construction contract was approved in November of 2020. 

Q: What does this project entail? How is it improving Meadowlark Drive?

A: The Meadowlark Drive project is intended to improve traffic flow and safety and enhance bicycle/pedestrian mobility.  The improvements will result in a road that is 3-lanes wide with a 10-foot bicycle/pedestrian path along the entire east side of Meadowlark Drive from Country Club Road to Robinhood Road.

Q: How much is the construction contract on this project?

A: Approximately eight million dollars.

Q: When will construction be complete?

A: The contractor expects to be finished by the end of October of 2024.


Q: Why has this project taken so long?

A: The city received bids on the project in 2018 but the bids came in over budget, therefore, the project was delayed until additional funds could be secured. The city rebid the project in the fall of 2020 and the construction contract began in the summer of 2021. Once construction began, the contractor has had difficulty with staffing issues.


Q: Is the contractor being held accountable for the delays?

A: Yes, the contract includes liquidated damages of $1,000 a day for every day that the project takes past the contracted completion date.


Q: Will any stop lights be added on Meadowlark Drive between Robinhood Road and Country Club Road?

A: Yes, a signal will be installed at the intersection of Meadowlark Drive and the school driveway/Jamison Park driveway and Meadowlark Knoll Crossing.

Meadowlark Drive Sketch (PDF)