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Available Permit Types

The following permit types are now available through IDT:

  1. Commercial Driveway 
  2. Excavation 
  3. Residential Infrastructure 

1. Commercial Driveway Permit 

A driveway permit is required for driveways located within the city limits of Winston-Salem at commercial and multifamily-residential properties, and for private streets that tie-in to a public street. Single-family residential homes are not required to obtain a driveway. 

If the commercial or multifamily-residential driveway is located inside the city limits of Winston-Salem and it connects to an NCDOT maintained street, approval is required from NCDOT and from the City of Winston-Salem. 

The permit application and the review fees for NCDOT approval are required to be submitted directly to NCDOT. The City of Winston-Salem will only approve the NCDOT permit if the City application has been received and approved. 

Provide a sketch (PDF format) showing all buildings- proposed and existing; driveways- proposed and existing; width of pavement and right-of-way; street features, storm drainage details, and other related information. Please be sure a signed permit application is included in the uploaded documents. A digital signature from the owner is acceptable. 

2. Excavation Permit

This application begins the approval process for any work encroaching on the public right-of-way, located within the city limits of Winston-Salem. 

3. Residential Infrastructure Permit

This application starts the review process for the development of all subdivisions that include the installation or modification to public utilities, roadways, sidewalks, and/or storm drainage.

Accessing IDT- New Users

To access IDT, you will need to create an account through IDT. To create an account, click on the top right button labeled as “Register”. You will create your own password. As staff works on your submittal, you will receive automated emails. Please be sure your email address is correct, as all notifications will be emailed through IDT.

Submitting Through IDT

Log in and select options from the drop- down box. 
Required fields are bold. If you are unsure of what to enter into a field and an entry is required, enter N/A or 0. Upload documents such as site plans, sketches, and signatures using the upload screen. All uploaded documents are required to be in the PDF format. 

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