Safe & Secure Community

Public safety is the foundation upon which any successful city is built. Absent this, it is difficult to attract businesses, residents, or visitors, which in turn create the economic vitality that sustains our community.

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Measure Description: The percentage of 911 calls answered within 10 seconds by the Communications Division on a monthly basis.

Measure Description: Total number of Community Resources Unit & Community Relations Specialist Citizen Contacts.

Measure Description: Total number of Community Relations (non-enforcement) contact made by the Patrol Division.

Measure Description: The average priority 1 call response time for Patrol Officers to arrive on the scene of an incident.

Measure Description: Number of violent crimes (murder, rape, robbery & aggravated assault) committed where a firearm was recorded present during incident for the specific offense charge. This does not indicate shots were fire or that the firearm was used in commission of a crime. The crime count is the count of offenses for robbery & the count of victims for murder, rape, & agg. assault. Justifiable homicide is not a crime & is excluded.

Measure Description: This is the total number of sustained external complaints.

Measure Description: This measures the percentage of police officer applicants that are women or minorities at the application phase, after initial testing. The application phase is used because it is the first reliable; mandatory recording of race & gender for the recruitment process. Reported by class number.

Measure Description: This is total in service training hours, including all regular & special trainings, for all sworn personnel. This measure excludes BLET as training. Measure is per sworn personnel, the total number of hours is divided by the total number of sworn personnel with a training class in the date range.

Measure Description: Measure comes from the annual inventory assessment performed by the Police Dept. & is percentage of items that could not be located divided by total number of items in annual inventory.

Measure Description: Measure is derived from annual resident survey performed by Office of Performance & Accountability. This measures the percentage of residents who feel safe ('4) or a ("5") on a 1-5 scale, excluding non-responses.

Measure Description: Index Crime (Part 1) Property Crimes per 1000 residents. (Burglary, Larceny, MV Theft-count of stolen vehicles) Population data will be taken from State Demographer's most recent annual est. Formula [total property index crimes/city pop) x 1000.

Measure Description: Index Crime (Prt1) Violent crime rate per 1000 residents (murder, rape, robbery, & aggravated assault) Population data taken from State Demographer's most recent annual est. Formula [(total violent index crimes/city population) x1000.

Measure Description: Annual clearance rate for all Part 1 property crimes only.

Measure Description: Annual clearance rate for all Part 1 violent crimes only.