Livable Neighborhoods

Livable neighborhoods are the basic building blocks for our City’s quality of life. They create an environment where people feel welcome, want to spend time, and want to interact. Livable neighborhoods provide access to adequate transportation, shopping and recreation options, encourage residents to maintain their homes, and celebrate our values, history, and culture. Livable Neighborhoods also includes facilities and activities that foster good physical health.

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Measure Description: Percentage of landlord/tenant investigations resolved successfully.

Measure Description: Number of trainings/forums/outreach events including YAC, CAB, and HRC events.

Measure Description: Number of outreach participants. This measures the number of attendees at programs/events/to determine effectiveness & reach.

Measure Description: Number of multi-cultural events held annually.

Measure Description: Percentage of housing discrimination cases with conciliation or cause determination.

Measure Description: This measure is a count of the Non-Discrimination Ordinance cases per quarter.

Measure Description: Number of Non-Discrimination Ordinance Outreach/Training events per Quarter.

Measure Description: DEI Employee training classes for Cultural Competency offered per Quarter.

Measure Description: Measures the employee attendance at each of the training sessions.

Measure Description: Quarterly DEA Employee engagement (Equity Core Team Meetings).

Measure Description: DEI Employee Engagement - Monthly Attendance at the Equity Core Team Meetings.

Measure Description: Quarterly Language Access Outreach program.