Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

FORSYTH CERTAfter a disaster, emergency responders may get so overwhelmed or have all access cut off that they can’t reach your neighborhood right away. That’s when the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) steps in. The Forsyth County Citizen Corps Council offers a free CERT course that trains volunteer citizens to respond to emergencies until the pros can get there.

CERTs learn ways to take care of themselves and help others in their communities for up to 3 days after a disaster. Basic training topics include disaster preparedness, fire safety, medical operations, light search & rescue, disaster psychology and terrorism.

Forsyth County's CERT Course Requirements

  • Must reside in Forsyth County (Non-county residents will be considered only after all county applicants are seated.)
  • Must be among first 25 qualified registrants to apply

Students can join a local CERT team after successfully completing the course. However, students do not have to join a team in order to take the course.

See the Training and Resources Page for upcoming opportunities.