Residential Opportunity Areas

Winston-Salem Residential Opportunity Areas CoverThe Winston-Salem Residential Opportunity Areas 2017 Update (PDF) provides an update to the 2014 report on existing Residential Opportunity Areas.  Residential Opportunity Areas are sites within the central city area of Winston-Salem that are typically larger than 2.5 acres that are appropriate for residential infill and rehabilitation/redevelopment for residential use, or a combination of infill and rehabilitation/redevelopment. Residential Opportunity Areas increase market efficiencies and identify areas of potential economic benefits to residential and commercial developers. They also aid in infill development, potential redevelopment and sprawl management; and, serve as tools in guiding good development practices.

There are 24 Residential Opportunity Area sites scattered across the six central city neighborhood planning areas (North Central, East/Northeast, Southeast, South Central, Southwest, and Northwest) comprising a collective total of 261 acres of land. This report contains all Residential Opportunity Area recommendations, mapping, and data broken down by area plan, as well as a summary map and table compiling all of the sites.


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