Development Opportunity Study - Phase III

Development Opportunities Study Phase 3 (Infill and Redevelopment Sites) Cover

Development Opportunity Areas - Phase III (Infill and Redevelopment) (PDF)

In March 2017, the City-County Planning and Development Services Department completed Phase III of the Development Opportunity Areas project (see information about Phase I and II below).  This study is a site analysis that identifies 67 sites for infill or redevelopment within Forsyth County and includes recommendations from adopted plans for reuse as commercial, mixed use, industrial, institutional, office and residential development. All sites in this study are located within Growth Management Areas (GMA) 1 (City or Town Centers), 2 (Urban Neighborhoods), or 3 (Suburban Neighborhoods), as identified in the Legacy 2030 Comprehensive Plan.  Sites in GMA 1 or 2 are approximately 2 or more acres; sites in GMA 3 are 3 or more acres.  The 67 sites included in this document were selected by Planning and Development Services staff for suitability based on area plan recommendations and field verification.