Minority / Women’s Business

Minority & Women Business Enterprise Program

The city's Minority and Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) program is designed to assist minority- and women-owned business enterprises in providing goods and services to the city. In addition, the program provides workshops and seminars for minority- and women-owned businesses. You do not have to be a certified minority company to do business with the City of Winston-Salem but the certification will improve your chances to participate on city contracts.

To locate certified minority and women-owned businesses in the Winston-Salem area, go to our M/WBE Businesses page. To learn about upcoming bids and other important business opportunities, please visit the Bid Opportunities page.

Examples of Goods & Services

The City of Winston-Salem actively seeks and identifies qualified M/WBEs to offer the opportunity to participate as providers of goods and services to our various departments. The City of Winston-Salem is committed to spending funds within the local economy to show its support of M/WBEs. The City of Winston-Salem accomplishes this by requiring local vendors to be used, if available, for all discretionary spending under $20,000. Local M/WBE vendors must also be given the opportunity to bid/propose on the project.

  1. Information Session on Upcoming City Capital Projects

    The city’s M/WBE Division and the Access Center for Equity & Success are holding an information session and networking opportunity Thursday, Dec. 12, to brief minority- and women-owned businesses about upcoming projects that the city will put out for bid. Read more...
  2. Sister Cities Soliciting Donations to Help Hurricane Victims in Freeport

    Winston-Salem Sister Cities is soliciting donations to help the victims of Hurricane Dorian who live in Freeport in the Bahamas, which is one of Winston-Salem’s sister cities. Read more...
  3. City Needs Small Businesses to Share Their Experiences Working on City Contracts

    The city is urging local small businesses owned by minorities and women to participate in an independent disparity study that is evaluating the city’s use of minority- and women-owned businesses. Read more...
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