About Us

Welcome Message

Welcome to Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful! We are part of the largest community improvement organization in the country, Keep America Beautiful. We are proud of the positive impact our programs have made on the community in which we live and work. We have been able to do this only through the efforts of thousands of local volunteers from all walks of life and our many, many sponsors. So please check out our website and let us know if you want to get involved - either as a volunteer or as a sponsor. You can make a direct impact on the City of Winston-Salem!

Brief History

Start as the Winston-Salem Clean Community Committee

Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful, Inc. was organized in 1979 as the Winston-Salem Clean Community Committee. The original purpose of the organization was to promote public interest in the general improvement of the environment. Additionally it was to:

  • Develop plans for improving the health, sanitation, and safety of the city by beautifying:
    • Highways
    • Lots
    • Stream Banks
    • Streets
    • Yards
  • Initiate, plan, and coordinate programs for litter control for the Winston-Salem community on a sustainable basis
  • Implement and maintain the Clean Community Program

Adoption of Keep America Beautiful

As stated in the bylaws, the further purpose of this program is to aid in the prevention of fires, diseases, and other casualties by promoting efforts to remove and eliminate trash and other debris. Additionally, the program encourages the planting of trees, flowers, etc., in and around the city. This in turn protects the song birds and other wild fowl. The name for the Winston-Salem Community Committee was changed to Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful, Incorporated, in January of 1989 when it also became a certified affiliate of the national Keep America Beautiful.

As the years have passed, more projects have been added to the program. The purpose of Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful, Incorporated continues to be one of education, working hand-in-hand with the citizens of Winston-Salem for a cleaner, litter-free city.