M/WBE Citizen Advisory Committee


  • 4:30 p.m.
  • 2 Tuesdays before the 1st Monday of every month


Method of Appointment

The members of the Advisory Committee are appointed by the City Council upon the recommendation of the Mayor.

Number & Terms of Office

Eleven members are elected and they serve a 2-year term of office.

Chief Staff Person

Jakira Westbrook
Business Inclusion Manager
Phone: 336-734-1238

Current Membership

Lalique Metz, Vice ChairWhite Female
1February 2024
Cassandra W. Brunson
Black Female
February 2022
Ouida PattonBlack Female1December 2023
Money C. CannonBlack Female1December 2023
Britney J. LoweryBlack Female1February 2023
Eric HairstonBlack Male1January 2024
Odette Yambo SanchezHispanic Female1January 2024


The M/WBE Citizen Advisory Committee is charged with the responsibility of:

  • Evaluating good faith efforts of contractors
  • Making periodic reports and recommendations to the City Council regarding program enhancements
  • Reviewing the City’s M/WBE program

If interested in volunteering, please contact the Mayor’s Office for more information.

Authority for Creation

The Citizens’ M/WBE Advisory Committee was established by a resolution adopted by the City Council on November 10, 1987.

Purpose / Function

The Advisory Committee is charged with the responsibility of reviewing the City’s M/WBE program; evaluating good faith efforts of contractors; and making appropriate recommendations to the Council.

Benton Convention Center Visit

The M/WBE Advisory Committee visited the Benton Convention Center in August 2016 to see the progress of renovations.

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