Sign Ordinances in Winston-Salem & Forsyth County

Sign ordinances in Winston-Salem and other cities in Forsyth County can be accessed as follows:

The information you need will depend on what site the sign is located on. What is the jurisdiction? What is the zoning district? Is the sign on the ground or is it attached to a structure? Certain circumstances will also affect the regulations that apply, including Special Use zoning, Conditional Use approvals, and Historic zoning and Overlays. Unless specifically stated otherwise, all signs require a permit.


Not sure what the correct jurisdiction is? You can look up addresses in the Planning and Development Services Map Viewer.

View Corridors

The view corridors are established areas along local roadways where, due to the views and exposure to important community institutions, sites, or other vital elements of our City and County, no billboards would be allowed. These are determined by the elected officials.

View the Billboard View Corridor Map (PDF).

Signs Illegally Placed in the Right-of-Way

Signs placed illegally will result in fines. View a Description of the Right-of-Way Per Winston-Salem Sign Ordinances (PDF).

Diagram Showing Placement of Advertising Signs in Right-of-Way