Mission & Vision


The mission of the Winston-Salem Police Department is to protect life and property by providing exceptional police services to our community in partnership with the citizens of Winston-Salem.


The Winston-Salem Police Department is recognized as a model law enforcement agency, known for reducing crime and increasing public safety by building and fostering community relationships in a never-ending pursuit of excellence.

Core Values

We will achieve our mission through the consistent application of our core values:

  • Leadership: Individual and Agency - Individual development to transform our agency into a national model for law enforcement
  • Transparency - Accountability through open and effective communication
  • Professionalism - Exceptional police services through strength, compassion, and confidence
  • Commitment - Commitment to our agency and the community it serves
  • Integrity - Unquestionable trustworthiness through fair and just application of the law
  • Public Service - Partnering with our community to provide unparalleled service and safety