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WSTV began cablecasting in Forsyth County on July 1, 1989. Initial funding for equipment came though a $250,0000 grant from Summit (now Spectrum) Cable.

The first major production was the coverage of the grand opening ceremonies for the city's Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum in August of 1989. Live gavel-to-gavel coverage of Winston-Salem City Council Meetings began in May of 1991. County Commission Meetings were added in October of 1993.


At it's start, WSTV 13 had a staff of only two full-time employees, and was producing 32 hours of programming a month. Now with three full-time employees and one full time producer, WSTV produces over 200 hours of programming including satellite, training, tape-delayed, live studio, and remote productions.

In October of 2002, WSTV Digital Media moved into new facilities in the renovated Winston-Salem City Hall. Under the city's new franchise agreement with Time-Warner Cable, over $200,000 in new equipment was purchased to upgrade the facility.

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