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Jee Filming at Maya Angelous 80th Birthday CelebrationInception

WSTV began cablecasting in Forsyth County on July 1, 1989. Initial funding for equipment came though a $250,0000 grant from Summit (now Time-Warner) cable.

The first major production was the coverage of the grand opening ceremonies for the city's Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum in August of 1989. Live gavel-to-gavel coverage of Winston-Salem City Council Meetings began in May of 1991. County Commission Meetings were added in October of 1993.


At it's start WSTV 13 had a staff of only two full-time employees, and was producing 32 hours of programming a month. Now in 2009, with three full-time employees and one part-time employee, WSTV produces over 200 hours of programming including satellite, training, tape-delayed, live studio, and remote productions.

In October of 2002, WSTV Digital Media moved into new facilities in the renovated Winston-Salem City Hall. Under the city's new franchise agreement with Time-Warner Cable, over $200,000 in new equipment was purchased to upgrade the facility.

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