Demographic Resources

Plentiful demographic information is available about Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, and its smaller communities. Below is the most recent information available for:

  • population estimates for communities in Forsyth County
  • population projections for Forsyth County
  • population information on race for Winston-Salem and Forsyth County
  • home ownership, housing values, and costs
  • household incomes and poverty levels, and
  • educational attainment.

Changes in these demographics are often included in the narrative, providing a 5-year time frame for reference. More detailed information is available in recent development dashboard reports, annual Forsyth County Development Trends reports, Planning staff newsletters, and the links below.

  1. Recent Demographic information
  2. Development Trends
  3. demographic resource websites


If you have questions or would like further information on local demographics, please email Steve Smotherman or call Steve at 336-747-7066.