Why Curbside Garbage Collection Makes Sense

  1. Curbside collection saves taxpayers’ money. Aside from being a far more efficient way to collect garbage, curbside collection results in less personnel expense, less overtime, less fuel use, less workman’s compensation claims, and less contracted services expenses. It all adds up.
  2. Curbside collection reduces air pollution from trucks. Trucks will be idling for less time and there will be fewer trucks on the road.
  3. Curbside collection allows garbage collections on more bad weather days. After a winter storm, road conditions are usually good enough for Sanitation trucks to travel, but the yards are not accessible due to ice or snow on the ground. The crew carts used by Sanitation employees did not roll in the snow. Curbside collection reduces these interruptions.
  4. Curbside collection is less disruptive. Collection at the curb eliminates the need to enter citizens’ property, eliminating early morning disruptions from barking dogs and the noise associated with employees emptying trash cans into roll carts.
  5. Curbside collection eliminates missed pick-ups when access to garbage cans is blocked. Under backyard collection, obstructions to backyard trash cans made it difficult or unsafe to collect their garbage.
  6. Curbside collection reduces effects of bad air quality days. When air quality reaches the orange, red, or purple levels it is unhealthy for employees to be working outside. Curbside collection is faster than backyard collection and will reduce the time that employees are exposed to poor air quality. Faster collection also reduces emission from trucks that can further aggravate air quality.
  7. Curbside collection raises fewer collateral issues. With backyard collection, the city received complaints when collection crews mistakenly took items that were not trash but which were left in the backyard near the trash. Curbside collection eliminates this problem. It also eliminates complaints about pets escaping and about damage to lawns and flower beds.
  8. Curbside collection eliminates citizen concerns about trash can lids. Under backyard collection, lids were sometimes damaged or lost. Cans filled with rain water and became too heavy to lift. Since lids are attached to the carts, these problem no longer exists.
  9. Curbside collection is safer for employees. Employees will not be exposed to needles, broken glass, dogs, back strains due to heavy lifting, ankle sprains due to uneven walking surfaces, or other problems associated with backyard collection.
  10. Curbside collection increases the number of Sanitation employees who are able to work until retirement. With backyard collection, refuse workers were liable to all the problems listed above, and the average refuse worker walked 40 miles a week collecting trash. Very few refuse workers made it to normal retirement. Most had to leave early on disability.

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