Records Center


The Records Center maintains the engineering blueprints for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Utilities’ water and wastewater infrastructure. We are also the focal point for processing water and sewer permits and petitions for new service. Our staff is available to answer technical questions and provide diagrams to assist you with location and availability of services. Please call City Link at 336-727-8000 or email to place a request for assistance at the Records Center.

GIS Map of Homes

Tax Parcel Viewer

Always refer to your property using the Forsyth County Tax Block and Lot Number. This information can be found on your tax bill or by using the Forsyth County Tax Parcel Viewer. Please contact Forsyth County Tax Administration at 336-703-2300 for assistance with your application.

Water & Sewer Connections

New service connections to properties that have water and sewer lines available to tie into are accomplished by obtaining a permit from Customer Service. Costs vary, and are dependent on size of connection required and property location. Visit the Water and Sewer Rates, Fees and Connection Costs page under Utilities for details.

Water & Sewer Petitions

For residents and businesses with no water or sewer lines available to serve their property, petitions will be sent upon request. Different approval criteria and costs are associated with the property location. The Engineering Records staff is available to take these requests and provide assistance with this process, please call 336-727-8000 for additional information.

Water & Sewer Maps

Record drawings are available online for engineering and surveying firms. The iDocuments program will search for drawings relative to the property being queried. Customers must submit an application to utilize this free service.