Leaf Routes

Leaf Collection Schedule

Leaf-map QUAD 2

Leaf collection begins on November 2, 2020, one quadrant at a time and working in a clockwise direction. City sanitation crews will begin in quadrant two. There are three rounds of leaf collection. Check the leaf collection map for updates.

Leaf Collection Service Finder

Look up your approximate collection dates on the Leaf Collection Service Finder  

If the map does not show your address and date, you can call City Link at 311 and they will assist you.


Fall is here and the leaves are piling up! Follow these guidelines when collecting and leaving your leaves for pickup:

  • Do not park vehicles on, in front of, or near your leaves.
  • Do not put your leaves on a tarp.
  • For year-round leaf collection, put leaves in a city yard-waste cart.
  • Inclement weather may force a change in the leaf collection schedule.
  • Rake leaves to the edge of your yard, behind the curb, and not in the street.
  • Remember, you may not burn leaves inside the city limits.
  • Sticks, rocks, and other debris may damage our equipment. Please, leaves only.

Leaf It To Us Informational Video