Residential Recycling

  1. Single-Family Households
  2. Multi-Family Households

Single-Family households are provided with one blue City of Winston-Salem 96-gallon rollout recycling cart

Filling Your Cart

Place mixed glass, paper, plastic, steel, and aluminum products into the blue recycling cart. Refer to the What Can I Recycle? page for what can and can't be placed into the cart. For maximum efficiency, place your cart out when full.

Placing Your Cart

Place your cart at the curb, or within five feet of the roadway, by 6:00 a.m. on your collection day. Your cart must be visible - not blocked by parked vehicles or shrubs, etc. After your cart has been serviced, remove it from the curb and store safely. 

This cart is provided for recycling purposes only. If you move, leave your cart behind for the next family. All carts remain the property of the City of Winston-Salem.

Find more information about rollout recycling on the Rollout Recycling page.

Questions & Concerns

For cart requests, missed collections, schedule information, and more, call CityLink at 311 or use the online request-a-cart form.