Community Assistance

City Manager Lee Garrity established the Office of Community Assistance in 2007. The office facilitates the resolution of complaints, receives suggestions, and requests from city residents, and assists them in navigating city government. 

Each ward has an assigned liaison who is proactive in the community and addresses concerns on behalf of the ward’s Council Member. City liaisons provide information on city services and programs, maintain relationships with non-profits, county and state agencies, and direct residents to those resources when appropriate. 

Liaisons organize and coordinate special events and community meetings on behalf of council members to engage residents and seek feedback on community issues.


  1. Vernetta DeVane

    Vernetta DeVane

    Community Assistance Liaison, South Ward

  1. Zina Johnson

    Zina Johnson

    Community Assistance Liaison, North Ward

  1. Yolanda Taylor

    Yolanda G. Taylor

    Community Assistance Liaison, Southeast Ward

  1. Sabrina H. Stowe Super Small

    Sabrina Stowe

    Community Assistance Liaison, East Ward

  1. jennifer_chrysson_2

    Jennifer Chrysson

    Community Assistance Liaison, Southwest Ward

  1. breasia_wynn photo

    Breasia Wynn

    Community Assistance Liaison, Northwest and West Wards

  1. Tamra Bradshaw-Sheller 2023

    Tamra Bradshaw-Sheller

    Community Assistance Liaison - Northeast Ward

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101 North Main Street
Suite 158
Winston-SalemNC 27101