Yard Waste Carts

Residents not wanting to compost yard waste can have their yard debris collected in a special 96-gallon roll-out cart purchased from the city.  

For residents that currently have a yard waste cart but need to renew their annual sticker can do so via the links below.  The cost of an annual sticker is $65.

For residents who need to purchase a yard waste cart may do so online via the link below.  The total cost for CART and STICKER is $130.

Yard waste carts may also be purchased in person from the:

City Warehouse:
1550 S Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27107

***Collection of yard waste from carts is provided weekly.***


Materials you may put in your yard waste cart include:

  • Garden Residue
  • Grass 
  • Leaves
  • Shrubbery Clippings
  • Small Branches
  • Sticks


  • Carts cannot be overloaded - the lid must be completely closed and cart(s) placed squarely at the curb to be serviced.
  • No garbage is allowed in the carts.  

  • Only 3 carts per residence (150-lb. limit each), are eligible for service.
  • Only 96-gallon carts that are compatible with city's automated collection vehicles will be collected.
  • Yard waste is shredded in a tub grinder. Certain materials damage the grinder. Leave the following items out of your cart:
    • Animal Waste
    • Bags
    • Boxes
    • Construction Material
    • Dirt
    • Garbage
    • Large Branches
    • Rocks
    • Stumps