Pay Plan


The City of Winston-Salem offers excellent benefits to our employees:

  • Bus Pass Program
  • Education Assistance
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Employee Suggestion Program
  • Family and Medical Leave
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Group Dental Insurance
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Jury Duty Leave
  • Life/Accidental Death Insurance
  • Military Leave
  • Paid Holidays 
  • Promotion from Within
  • Retirees - Health and Life Insurance
  • Retirement/Pension Plan (State of North Carolina)
  • School Leave
  • Shared Leave
  • Short-Term Disability Insurance
  • Sick Leave
  • Training
  • Vacation Leave
  • Wellness Program

Pay Plan

The primary goal of the city's compensation plan is to compensate employees fairly for the jobs that they perform. As a result of careful analysis which compares the salaries of city employees to those outside of the city serving in similar positions, equitable pay levels are established. There are currently three separate pay plans being utilized for all positions: the General Pay Plan, Police/Fire Pay Plan and the Flat Rate Pay Plan.

General Pay Plan

The General Pay Plan consolidates all pay ranges for budgeted positions within the city (excluding fire, police, part-time and seasonal employees) into nine broad bands, each of which has a minimum and maximum pay level. Every position is assigned a Market Reference Point (MRP) which is determined by reviewing the average salary levels paid for similar jobs in the private sector and at other city, county and state governments. Special efforts are made during this process to include those companies and organizations that may be competing with the city for the same employees.

Accompanying each Market Reference Point is a Competitive Market Range that extends from 90% to 110% of the reference point (10% below to 10% above). Generally, a new employee is hired at 90% of the Market Reference Point, provided the new employee meets all of the requirements established for the position. Movement beyond the 90% level is possible and based on the individual performance of the employee. Employee salaries may not exceed the maximum of the band to which their position is assigned.

Police/Fire Pay Plan

The Police/Fire Pay Plan sets a base pay range for each position with established minimum and maximum pay levels. For sworn/certified positions, education incentives increase the base pay ranges for those possessing an Associate or Bachelor's degree - 5% for an Associate's degree and 10% for a Bachelor's degree.

Flat Rate Pay Plan

The Flat Rate Pay Plan is utilized to determine pay levels for all part-time and seasonal positions. Each position is assigned an hourly rate which is based on job requirements and skill levels needed.

Performance Evaluations

The city values its employees and recognizes that it is important to compensate them for their performance and contributions. As a result, performance evaluations are conducted on an annual basis so that the efforts of employees can be acknowledged and rewarded appropriately. When consistent satisfactory or above satisfactory performance is noted during a review evaluation, the employee is eligible to receive a performance increase consistent with established performance levels. It is important to note that merit percentages awarded for performance are established annually by the City Manager and may vary from year to year.

Classification & Compensation Analysis

To ensure competitive wages and salaries, the Human Resources Department conducts an regular wage and salary surveys. Based on the survey results, adjustments to the Market Reference Points and Pay Bands may be approved by the City Manager. Pay Band adjustments require City Council approval.

Additional Information

Questions about the pay plans? Contact Human Resources at 336-747-6800.