Savers Administrative Services (Savers Admin) administers: 

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) retiree health insurance premium payments (except WSPORS retirees)
  • COBRA Dental Reimbursement Plan (dental insurance)
    • Individual $27.07
    • Family $78.52
  • Medicare Advantage Premium Reimbursement Plan
    • For those retirees who opt-out of our Blue Cross Blue Shield NC Medicare Advantage Program and enroll in their own supplement plan, the City will reimburse the cost of your Medicare Supplement up to the cost of our plan which is $12.08 monthly for 2023. Please use the following claim form to receive your premium reimbursement.
      *The cost is subject to change yearly. 
    • Savers Medicare Premium Reimbursement Claim form
  • Human Resources will mail out Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plan Enrollment Forms to those Retirees and Spouses turning 65 in the near future. If you do not receive your form or need a new one, please call Andrew Grice at 336-747-6870.

For questions, please contact Savers Admin at 1-336-837-6712.