1. Administration
  2. Parking & Traffic Safety
  3. Traffic Engineering
  4. Planning

Contact Us

  1. Toneq McCullough
    Toneq' McCullough

    P.E., Director of Transportation
    Email Toneq' McCullough

    Phone: 336-747-6867
  2. Jeffrey Fansler

    Deputy Director of Transportation
    Email Jeffrey Fansler

    Phone: 336-747-6883
  3. Brenda King

    Transportation Financial Manager
    Email Brenda King

    Phone: 336-727-8473
  1. Laura Whitaker
    Laura Whitaker

    Administrative Secretary
    Email Laura Whitaker

    Phone: 336-747-6868
  2. Marlene Davis

    DBE Liaison/Title VI Coordinator

    Email Marlene Davis
    Phone: 336-747-6875