Washington Park Infrastructure Project

Project Construction Notice

Washington Park Stormwater Project Map Opens in new windowStarting Monday June 24, the City of Winston-Salem Stormwater Division will begin construction on the Washington Park Stream Restoration and Retrofit Project. Washington Park will remain open, but please make note of the perimeter construction fencing around the park and avoid these areas. Normal work hours will be 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Planned Schedule

The retrofit to the dog park will be constructed during the first month of work. Then, the contractor, North State Environmental, Incorporated will move to the stream restoration phase of work. Construction and planting installation is expected to continue through the end of 2019. 

A portion of the Salem Creek Greenway path will temporarily close while the path is realigned and the stream restored and rebuilt. The trail will reopen upon completion of the project with a new pipe culvert in the restored creek.

About the Project

The goal of this project is to enhance water quality runoff from the city-owned park to Salem Creek by the following:

  • Repairing, stabilizing and restoring stream banks along the tributary to Salem Creek - Salem Creek has been listed as a biologically impaired stream as designated by the North Carolina Division of Water Resources.
  • Retrofitting the dog park using a stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP)

Stream Bank Restoration

This project will stabilize and restore approximately 600 linear feet of stream restoration and enhancement. This work includes:

  • Grading severely eroded creek banks
  • Installing erosion control measures
  • Installing grade control (natural stone) structures
  • Planting native plants (trees, shrubs, and plugs)
  • Removing trees
  • Reseeding

Dog Park Retrofit

This project will retrofit the existing dog park to treat the runoff and remove pollutants before water flows into Salem Creek. As part of the construction, a grass covered bioretention stormwater treatment device will be incorporated into the existing park. This work includes relocating dog park fence, grading ditches, and installing the bio-retention system.

Contact Us

For more information on this project, email Mr. Todd M. Love, City of Winston-Salem Stormwater/Erosion Control Division, or call 336-734-1318.