Education, Encouragement & Enforcement

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The Winston-Salem Bicycle and Pedestrian Program worked together with the Police Department to develop educational materials that could be used to inform bicyclists of their rights and responsibilities as they enjoy cycling around the city. Our goal is to educate citizens so they can safely travel on city streets and sidewalks and share spaces with respect so that enforcement is seldom needed.

Wallet Cards

The three-panel Rights, Laws, and Safety Tips for Bicyclists Wallet Card (PDF) folds compactly to fit in a pocket or wallet. Police officers keep them on hand to give to bicyclists who may not be aware of their responsibilities as vehicle operators on city streets. Read the


The Bike Safety Brochure (PDF) provides an overview of tips for pedestrians, motorists, bicyclists and residents.

Bike Smarts Safety Town Course

In May 2013, the Bike Smarts Safety Town course was officially opened to the public. The course is the result of a collaboration between the following entities:

  • City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Program and Transportation Department
  • City's Recreation and Parks Department
  • Forsyth County Health Department
  • Local Safe Routes to School Program

This skills course gives new life to a former tennis court near Kimberley Park Elementary School and is designed for children ages 4 to 10 to practice their bike skills in a safe area away from traffic. The course is open free of charge to the public during daylight hours.


The course includes a practice lane for children to practice riding in a straight line within the lane, giving hand signals, and looking over their left shoulders for vehicles. They can then put these skills to use on the simulated street, where stop and yield signs as well as crosswalks teach them skills for street riding.

Potential Participants

Scout troops, youth organizations, and individual families are encouraged to take advantage of this unique resource.

Bilingual Safety Cards

These cards provide tips for each group to create a safer environment for bicyclists and motorists as they share city streets. The cards are provided with English on one side and Spanish on the other.