WePlay Memorial Program

Through the Memory Program, city residents can honor the memory of a loved one while doing something constructive to make Winston-Salem a better place to live. Call the Recreation Department at 336-734-1218 and arrange to purchase a Memory Tree or Bench.

Memory Tree / Bench Locator

Thomas J. Gavin III Memory Tree (JPG)

Memory Tree

From a Selection List provided with the Memory Tree Request Form, select the type of tree you want planted and work with the program coordinator to determine the best park location for the tree on city property. A weatherproof tag will be placed around the tree with the name of the person in whose memory the tree has been planted. 


Upon request, the city will let you know when the tree will be planted. Memory Trees are planted in the spring and the fall, but can be ordered any time. The general cost for the trees range from $115.00 to $160.00.

Memory Benches

You may also purchase memory benches from the department. These are wooden-slatted benches with a plaque placed on the top slat. The cost is $200 and includes the bench, plaque, and installation. Benches may be placed in any city-owned park or stroll way based on availability.

Planting Areas

Please note some parks are full and have no further room for trees or benches. The Recreation and Parks Department will recommend the best place for planting and installation based on space availability.

Contact Us

For more information or to order a tree or bench contact Laura Tanyi at 336-734-1218 or email at laurat@cityofws.org