Street Signs

The Winston-Salem Department of Transportation (WSDOT) maintains all street name signs within the city limits.


Street name signs are made to retro-reflect a driver's headlights, so they appear to shine at night. Retro-reflection means the sign reflects light directly back to the oncoming vehicle, rather than allowing it to scatter into the darkness. This is done using special plastics for the face of the signs, containing millions of glass beads or prisms.

Sign Enlargement

Several years ago, the city changed from six-inch to nine-inch tall street name signs with white borders. WSDOT did this to increase the sign's visibility for older drivers and to provide better indicators of intersection locations. These new signs are installed at existing locations as the old signs wear out.

Installation Responsibility

Developers of residential properties are responsible for the cost of the initial installation of street name signs in their developments. The WSDOT installs and maintains all standard street name signs.

Additional Information

Any problems with the street name signs should be reported to City Link at 311 or 336-727-8000. You may also email Vicki Purdham.