Creative Corridors Design Review Committee


  • Noon
  • 2nd Wednesday


Method of Appointment 

Eleven members are appointed by the City Council upon the recommendation of the Mayor. Members shall be residents of the City of Winston-Salem but cannot be employees of the City of Winston-Salem. The Mayor will seek candidates with background or experience in architecture or landscaping architecture, civil or structural engineering, artistic design, transportation and service with the Creative Corridors Coalition Group. Recommended Committee candidates are not required to have the previously stated background/experience history and no more than one person from each of the five areas should be represented on the Committee.

Number of Members


Terms of Office

Four-year staggered terms with five of the initial 11 members being named to two year terms and the remaining six being named to four year terms.

Chief Staff Person

Meredith Martin
Assistant to the City Manager  
Phone: 336-747-7312

NameRace & GenderTermExpiration
Hana Carson, ChairBlack Female1July 2020
James Hoots, Co-ChairWhite Male1September 2020
James (Jim) Wesley Shaw, Sr., Co-ChairBlack Male1July 2016
Katherine BakerWhite Female1July 2016
Dianne CaesarBlack Female2July 2018
William A. Davis, IIWhite Male2July 2018
Gregory ErrettWhite Male0July 2022
David FinnWhite Male1July 2018
Steve HairstonBlack Male0July 2018
William M. MarionWhite Male1July 2016
Jimmy L. Norwood, Jr.Black Male1July 2016

Authority for Creation 

An ordinance was adopted by the City Council on February 20, 2012, that Section 2, Division 11 of the City Code is amended to add the following sections thereto.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the Creative Corridors Design Review Committee is to review plans and proposals which are proposed by the City, North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), or any other agency or organization for roadway improvements on the major thoroughfares in the Creative Corridors Study area and to make recommendations to the City Council, Transportation Advisory Committee, or NCDOT on the plan's consistency with the objectives of the Community Corridors master plan and design guidelines.