On-Street Parking

On-street parking is available for short-term parking needs.

Pay station parking is available in some areas, mainly downtown.

There are 800 metered on-street spaces, plus loading zones and unmetered on-street spaces. Metered parking time limits range from 30 minutes to ten hours. Most meters allow one- to two-hour parking. Regular meters accept only quarters, according to these rates:

Changes in Parking Downtown

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Single-Space Meter Rates

Meter TypeTime per Quarter
30 minutes
1-hour1 hour
2-hour1 hour
9-hour3 hours
10-hour2.5 hours

Pay Station Rates

Time Period CostCost
Less than 1 hour$0.25
1 hour$0.50
2 hours$1
3 hours$2
4 hours$4
5 hours$6
6 hours$8
More than 6 hours$10