Walking Facilities

CrosswalkNew & Planned Facilities

See Pedestrian Facility Updates.

The City of Winston-Salem continues to strive to improve conditions for pedestrians throughout the city. Walking is important for exercise and is an excellent mode of transportation. Sidewalks are being added/repaired through the Department of Transportation's Sidewalk Program.

Request a Sidewalk

Neighborhoods and citizens may submit requests for sidewalks. Any requests are reviewed and prioritized according to a point system. Sidewalks are constructed as funds are available according to the priority of the project.

Sidewalk Repair, Replacement & Maintenance

The City of Winston-Salem's Street Division is responsible for sidewalk repair, replacement and maintenance. In addition, the city's Engineering Division uses bond funds, when appropriated, to rehabilitate the city´s sidewalks by contracting replacement of damaged sidewalks or constructing new sidewalks. Property owners are responsible for keeping sidewalks clean and free of debris or obstructions.

Questions or Problems

For any questions or to report problems, please email Michael Doub, Streets Supervisor, or call him at 336-727-8000.

Sidewalk Permits

To obtain a sidewalk permit, please email Chad Aldridge or call him at 336-727-2789.

Brushy Fork GreenwayGreenways & Parks

Winston-Salem has many excellent greenways and parks that offer safe and peaceful places for walking. Greenways are linear parks that can be used for transportation as well as recreation. And, as the number of greenways grows, citizens will find better connectivity to schools, parks, and shopping. The Recreation and Parks Department's Greenways section has a map of all our greenways, as well as links to more information about each one.

Parcourse on Silas Creek

This 1.1-mile unpaved figure-eight course, popular with walkers and runners, also includes physical activity stations. Open from dawn to dusk, it is accessible from Silas Creek Parkway (near Yorkshire Road) or from Kirklees Road.

Silas Creek Par Course