• Transportation Planning

    As the lead transportation planning agency for the Winston-Salem Urban Area that includes Forsyth County, its municipalities and portions of Davidson, Davie, and Stokes Counties, the Department of Transportation develops and maintains a multimodal Transportation Plan. The planning process is open, inclusive, and encourages public participation in the overall development of the transportation system. Planning services include:

    • Bicycle and pedestrian facilities
    • Improving air quality
    • Regional planning
    • Roadway corridor studies
    • Small-area and neighborhood planning
    • Thoroughfare planning
    • Traffic modeling and analysis
    • Transportation maps and data

    Plans and Studies
    Collage of Photos of Car, Bus, Walking, and Biking Transportation

    Other Services

    • Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning
    • Citizen Service: Maps/Data
    • Highway Corridor Studies
    • Multimodal Planning
    • Neighborhood Planning
    • Public Transportation/Transit Planning
    • Thoroughfare Planning
    • Traffic Modeling and Analysis
    • Transportation Needs Reporting

    Maps and Data
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    Winston-Salem Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)