Inspection & Monitoring Program

The Pretreatment Program staff conducts inspections, surveillance and monitoring of industrial wastewater sources discharging to the City's wastewater collection system and treatment plants. The monitoring and inspections are performed in order to independently verify compliance with all applicable pretreatment standards. Inspections of Significant Industrial Users (SIU) are conducted at least annually.

Unannounced monitoring of SIU's are usually conducted quarterly. Other monitoring and inspection activities are conducted on an as needed basis. Often these activities are related to problems or unusual conditions noted either at one of the wastewater treatment plants or within the wastewater collection system. They may also be a part of an investigation initiated subsequent to an anonymous report of suspicious activity or illegal dumping.

Suspicious Discharges

If you have any question about a suspicious discharge to the sanitary sewer system, please contact a Pretreatment Program staff member at 336-765-0130. Your assistance would be appreciated and your confidentiality respected.