Investigative Support

Chronic Violent Offender (CVO)

Chronic Violent Offender is a local strategy designed by the Forsyth County District Attorney's Office to provide a comprehensive review for all Chronic Violent Offenders within Forsyth County. The strategy includes partners from federal, state and local agencies with jurisdiction within Forsyth County. The partnership meets monthly to review all CVO cases involving Chronic Repeat Offenders, including cases where firearms are seized as evidence of crimes and firearm related evidence (i.e. shell casings, projectiles, etc.). The partnership reviews these cases to determine:

  • The best venue for prosecution - state charges, federal charges, or both
  • Required follow-up by local law enforcement agencies to provide better prosecution on the case
  • Identify and provide needed training for local law enforcement and/or prosecution partners
  • Identify and implement procedural or policy changes needed within agencies.

Violent Crimes Task Force Notification

Violent Crimes Task Force Notification is a local strategy wherein offenders are screened against established criteria to determine if they qualify to attend a Notification session. If the offender meets the criteria, they are directed by their probation/parole officer to attend the Notification session. The Notification session is an opportunity for the offenders to hear messages from law enforcement, prosecutors, and community partners. The Notification session is set up into three distinct sessions:

  1. Opening Community Meeting
  2. Law Enforcement Meeting
  3. Community Meeting Wrap-Up

Notification sessions are utilized by several cities throughout the Middle District of North Carolina and are fairly consistent in their content. The Winston-Salem Police Department conducts Notifications three times a year.

Crime Stoppers Section

The Crime Stoppers Section has the responsibility of operating the Crime Stoppers Program and gathering intelligence for the Department. The Crime Stoppers Program seeks the support and cooperation of citizens in solving crimes. It offers anonymity and cash rewards to persons who provide information leading to the arrest and indictment of felony offenders, apprehension of fugitives, recovery of stolen property and seizure of drugs. This Program involves the public, media, and police in a combined effort to fight crime.