What are some key organizational questions?
  • Is the neighborhood association attracting, maintaining, and recruiting new members?
  • Is the neighborhood association representative of the area? Are you involving individuals across barriers of race, religion, age and socio-economic status?
  • Are the neighborhood association meetings publicized? Status reports? Successes?

Are you identifying and forming partnerships with organizations that support the residents of your community, such as:

  • schools
  • centers of worship
  • merchants, business associations
  • landlords
  • realty companies
  • libraries
  • community centers

Are you celebrating your victories? Spread the word and tell other associations how you did it and how it can help them.

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1. How do people find out whether there is a neighborhood association in their area?
2. How do I start a neighborhood association?
3. How do we determine our neighborhood boundaries?
4. What if the boundaries of my neighborhood association overlap the boundaries of another?
5. Does the City of Winston-Salem have requirements on the formal structure or operations of neighborhood associations?
6. What are some key organizational questions?
7. What is the difference between a neighborhood association and homeowner association?
8. What are the benefits of an organization having a tax-exempt status?
9. How does my organization become tax exempt?