Can I opt out of the alerts on my city-owned devices?

You can opt out of alerts to your cellular phone by visiting

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1. Why did the city decide to implement a Staff Alert System?
2. What types of emergencies will the system notify me about?
3. Who makes the decisions about when and what to send alerts about?
4. What if I see something that I think is worth a systemwide alert?
5. What happens if I don’t sign up?
6. How would I register to receive alerts through my personal devices?
7. What if I have trouble registering my personal devices or I change my mind and want to stop receiving the alerts on my personal devices?
8. Can I opt out of the alerts on my city-owned devices?
9. Can I choose to receive alerts on my personal cell phone, but not personal email?
10. What types of information does the registration ask for, other than email addresses, phone numbers and my carrier?
11. Will the city be able to track me if I register my personal devices?
12. Will I be charged for the alerts?
13. How will I recognize an alert is coming from the city?
14. Can employees communicate back to system?
15. What if I have other questions not covered here?